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"I still dream of you" – Peter Msecho

"I still dream of you"

So sings Peter Msecho about Nianjema in a song he wrote and recorded to recruit new students to Nianjema Secondary and High School. The song is on TV and radio throughout Tanzania

A well-known Tanzanian singer and Nianjema alumnus, Peter has benefited from the creative and musical activities offered as a part of Nianjema's enriched curriculum.

"He was very talented when he was at our school and excelled as a organizer/choreographer of dramas and songs," says Charlie Sloan, Nianjema school manager and founder.

In 2008, Peter entered Bongo Star Search, a national singing competition televised all over the country that went on for more than three months. The show is on once a week and each week one competitor is eliminated. He came in second.

In 2007 another of Nianjema's students, Ms. Misoji Nkwabi, won the Bongo Star Search show.