Empowering students of Tanzania
to learn, lead and thrive

Tanzania Education Fund Supporters provide the foundation for
Nianjema Secondary and High School and the success of its students

Things are really popping at Nianjema!

Nianjema student enrollment has risen more than 400 (from 196 in 2013). Twenty-four teachers (compared to 10 in 2013) guide these students through our hands on and active curriculum.

The primary school is thriving and allows children to continue on the Nianjema campus after “graduating” from our nursery school. Nianjema will grow with the children, adding classes as the children progress.

The Nianjema primary school offers an English medium program so that children can become proficient in the second of Tanzania’s two official languages. Kiswahili is spoken at home, so immersion in English is valuable for the children’s future education and work opportunities.

The new high school buildings complete a second quadrangle on the Nianjema campus and house two large classroom buildings and a new science lab and library. Nearby four new dormitories and an all-purpose building underwritten by USAID are completed.

The buildings are environmentally safe and healthy, designed to be sustainable, with unique features designed by school architect and trustee Daniel Manase, including low, louvered windows that create a constant, cooling breeze. They are also colorful—roofs of blue or red tile, exterior walls of deep gold, light blue, brick red and dark green. Nianjema is a beautiful campus.

All are built by local labor, under the supervision of Manase and school manager Charlie Sloan.

The four new hostels, or dormitories, will allow students to stay on campus, allowing students to focus on their studies, create a strong learning community and, for those from distant areas, to attend Nianjema. Therefore, the school currently has six hostels.

The buildings described above are underwritten by competitive grants from USAID.