Dedicated to Sustaining the Development and Success of the Margery Wolf Kuhn (MWK) Schools

Our Impact

The Tanzania Education Fund works to enrich the lives of young people. TEF supports the development and success of the Margery Wolf Kuhn (MWK) Preschool, Primary, and Secondary Schools which serve the children of Eastern Tanzania.

TEF relies on individual, organizational, and government contributions and maintains a low overhead. 98% percent of funds go directly to MWK and the students it serves.

  • Provides 80 full scholarships and supports 22 boarding students annually

  • Educated more than 7,000 Tanzanian students since its inception in 2001
  • Employs 74 Tanzanians as teachers, administrators and supporting staff
  • Built a two-campus complex with 32 buildings that supports a pre-school, primary and secondary school in Tanzania
  • Established a 25,000-book library that provides a study and meeting place for students
  • Built Modern Medical Clinic Tanzania, a collaborative TEF project, to serve the students and staff of MWK Schools and the surrounding community
  • Improved existing infrastructure, including new solar lighting in buildings and better ventilation in classrooms

Our Mission

Provide a broad educational experience grounded in Tanzanian culture and tradition that prepares graduates to participate fully in the continued development of their country.

Our Goal

Make education accessible for the young people of Tanzania who would not otherwise have the opportunity.

Our Board

The TEF Board works with the MWK Trustees, a Tanzanian board that directly supervises the schools. TEF, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is based in Vienna, Virginia, U.S.A. MWK schools are in Bagamoyo, Tanzania.

Board Members

Doug Bellomo
Barbara Bogue
Mike Carney
Mary Dollar Hughes
Erin Hunter
Joseph Kammerer
Charles Sloan, Jr., MWK Schools Manager
Daphne Sloan, Executive Director

Finance Committee
Mary Dollar Hughes
Daphne Sloan

Technical and Solar Design Consultant
Gary H. Koopmann, Ph.D.

Tanzania Board of Trustees

Charles Sloan, Jr.
Faustine Rutaihwa
Aidan Njau (Dr)
Lazarus Mpondo
Nick Walter
Ally Bedford
Allan K. Okoth


John Carney

Vice President
Carl Biggs

Margie Carson

Cynthia Pearson, CPA

Our Story


Where are the Margery Wolf Kuhn Schools?2022-08-08T18:37:46+00:00

Margery Wolf Kuhn Schools, located on the outskirts of Bagamoyo, Tanzania, serve students through Eastern Tanzania.

What is the MWK campus like?2022-08-08T18:37:21+00:00

The school resides on three campuses with 37 buildings and a large, multi-purpose playing field. Buildings include girls’ and boys’ dormitories, teacher housing, and classroom buildings. The third campus houses the Modern Medics Clinic in Tanzania.

Margery Wolf Kuhn Schools Map

How did MWK Schools start?2022-08-07T16:40:15+00:00

After graduation as a mechanical engineer from Virginia Tech, founder Charlie Sloan served with the Peace Corps in Tanzania.  While he was there, he saw many children that were not in school and vowed to return to build a school for those children. He returned to build the schools that became MWK in 2000, using funds he raised plus a legacy from his aunt, Margery Wolf Kuhn.

How are MWK Schools funded?2022-08-07T16:39:53+00:00

MWK schools are funded by student tuition and through generous donations from individuals and grants from churches. The W. O’Neil Foundation and The Carney Family Foundation were instrumental in building the Modern Medics Clinic.

Do MWK students have access to a good library?2022-08-07T17:14:08+00:00

MWK built a new library in 2011 to accommodate the growing book collection and increased usage by students and teachers. It also houses the computer lab. For many students, the library offers access to a variety of books and a place where they can study quietly for the first time.

With more than 25,000 books, the school offers more books than any other school in Tanzania. The Sir Emeka Offor Foundation of Nigeria presented 4,000 books to the school. TEF supporters continue to donate books.


In what language are the classes taught?2022-08-07T16:38:58+00:00

All secondary schools are taught in English, while the MWK primary school is an English-medium school teaching in Kiswahili and English.

Why does MWK empathize with the education of girls?2022-08-08T18:34:18+00:00

Girls are underrepresented in Tanzanian secondary schools. Dedicated scholarships can make the difference between education and no education. MWK prioritizes the recruitment and development of girls through the TEF Scholars Program.

Do students pay tuition?2022-08-08T18:33:44+00:00

Yes, non-boarding secondary students annually pay $700 and boarding secondary students pay $1,400. Fees are heavily subsidized by donor-supported scholarships. Support our students. 

Does MWK offer scholarships for students?2022-08-07T16:37:35+00:00

In addition to scholarships offered through the TEF Scholars Program, scholarships are available to students in need and to high achievers.

What is the TEF Scholars Program?2022-08-08T18:33:15+00:00

The TEF Scholars Program provides scholarships for tuition and boarding, each offers $700/yr., intensive English classes, mentoring, and tutoring. The program was originally designed to enable girls to continue to secondary school in an area where they were encouraged to stop their education after elementary school. In 2020, this opportunity was extended to boys in need. 

TEF Scholars gather on the MWK campus

Does the school offer transportation?2022-08-08T18:32:30+00:00

Yes, our school bus picks up students who live too far away from the school to walk and provides transportation for field trips, community service activities, and competitive sports events. The banner sign on the bus promotes the school to the community.

MWK Schools Bus

What percent of eligible students in Tanzania attend secondary school?2022-08-07T16:36:33+00:00

At the secondary level, 49% of boys and 39% of girls attend school according to the most recent statistics from the Education Policy and Data Center. Only 31% of Tanzanian boys and girls graduate from secondary school.

Does the government support the school financially?2022-08-07T16:35:36+00:00

There is no financial support from the Tanzanian Government. The US government has supported MWK through USAID grants for buildings and infrastructure.

What are the immediate needs for the school?2022-08-07T16:35:18+00:00
  • Scholarships for TEF Scholars and all MWK students
  • Boarding support for girls to create safe and supportive learning environments that campus dormitories provide
  • Computers for students 
  • Housing for teachers is required by the Tanzanian government
  • Infrastructure maintenance

For more information, contact TEF Executive Director, Daphne Sloan.

How can I give?2022-08-08T18:31:40+00:00

We welcome discussions about named gifts, including endowing programs or scholarships at MWK. Large gifts can also be directed toward the science labs, the library, computers, or the Modern Medics Clinic Tanzania. Find out about giving opportunities.

How can I volunteer at MWK Schools?2022-08-08T18:31:10+00:00

TEF and MWK Schools greatly benefit from the contributed skills and talents of volunteers from throughout the world. Find out more about volunteering.

MWK Schools Volunteers Pose in front of chalkboard

Is Modern Medics Clinic Tanzania a TEF Project?2022-08-08T18:30:31+00:00

Modern Medics is a TEF collaborative project that will offer access to medical services for students and staff as well as the surrounding community. TEF raised the initial funding and continues to support the development of the clinic.

Modern Medics Clinic

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