Volunteers Bring Sparkle

We Welcome Volunteers

Volunteers teach primary or secondary school classes or help manage projects such as academic clubs, service projects, and sports teams. You can also propose new initiatives that forward our educational objectives. They work directly with Tanzanian teachers and staff.

They stay on campus in teachers’ quarters and pay for their own food, transport, visa, and incidentals. Volunteers staying for more than 3 months become eligible for a stipend equivalent to that received by teachers.

If you are interested in volunteering, contact us directly.

Danish Volunteer Working With Students in Class

Volunteer Stories

The Margery Wolf Kuhn Schools welcome volunteers from throughout the world. They bring expertise, diversity and enthusiasm to enrich the lives of MWK students.

“I had the best experience teaching at MWK Secondary School.” 

Sheila Zibrandtsen, Danish volunteer

“Penn State students knew their solar energy designs would become reality at the MWK school, which made the project highly rewarding, and fun.”

Gary Koopmann, retired distinguished professor, Penn State; COB, KCF Technologies, Inc.

Sheila volunteered through Egaa School in Denmark. MWK and Egaa have a decade-long partnership that includes student and teacher exchanges, installation of solar energy, letter exchanges, and lasting friendships.

Sheila and her fellow volunteers became so involved in the mission of the school that they raised enough money among themselves to provide 4-year scholarships for 20 students they worked with because “even though they were not our students anymore, they were still our girls.”

Sheila, a Danish volunteer, poses with other volunteers in bamboo hats