An Experienced Team Leads MWK Schools

Charles W. Sloan, Jr. (Manager of Margery Wolf Kuhn Schools)
Allen C. Shao (Headmaster for Secondary School)
Rehema John (Head Teacher & Principal  for Primary School)

Headmaster Allen Shao, an MWK physics teacher and Assistant Headmaster for 15 years, has initiated Saturday morning classes for students who need extra time. His adopted nephew is a graduate of MWK Schools.

Academic Master Victor Maghali coordinates the curriculum for the secondary school and works tirelessly to engage each student in all 11 subjects.

Head Teacher of the primary school Rehema John also teaches English and Kiswahili. Rehema brings great enthusiasm to benefit the program.

Sports master Alois Chengula directs the sports program and helps with student extra-curricular activities. He is a demanding math teacher and a great soccer player/promoter for the teams.

Counselor Christina Mwita, a dynamic English teacher, traveled to Denmark twice to study and work with Danish Egaa teachers to better develop teaching techniques and guide and challenge our Egaa volunteers when they come to MWK Schools.

Discipline Master Amina Kadesha keeps order in the school with a constant smile along. She also teaches English and Kiswahili.

MWK Secondary School Teachers 2021
Headmaster Shoa with Students

Staff Spotlight: Headmaster, Allen C. Shao

“Hard work always rewards,” is something MWK students are used to hearing from their Headmaster, Allen C. Shao. “One should always struggle to overcome challenges.” His life proves these aphorisms.

Born in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania speaking his tribal language, Kichaga, he earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Education at the University of Dar es Salaam. Shao began teaching physics at MWK (formerly Nianjema) Schools in 2004.

A dedicated man, Shao is a strong advocate of a broad curriculum. He believes that creative activities like music, drama, dance and yoga, and weekly sports activities help students perform better academically. He is a firm believer in schools offering English, remembering his own experiences of learning English by all the books he could lay his hands on until he was fluent.

Shao is loved by his students. “Mr. Shao unleashes the students’ abilities by involving us in the learning process. We should strive to make him proud,” wrote Cara Sloan in the school’s yearbook.