Our Students are Among the Top 5% in the Country

Student Activities

Extensive arts offerings and a sports program plus after-school academic clubs led by teachers enrich the academic core curriculum for MWK students. Co-curricular and academic subjects like Tanzanian arts and dance, competitive sports teams for boys and girls, academic clubs, and remedial tutoring are unusual in Tanzanian schools, which are more geared to a core curriculum and achievement on national exams.

MWK Schools now offer 8 new co-curricular clubs with 20 students each including:

  • Math
  • Science and Jr. Science
  • Language
  • Scouts
  • Human Rights
  • Social Science, and
  • Debate

“Many parents are worried about our programs distracting students from studying and exam results. They now see the value of the enriched environment we are offering.”

Allen Shao, Secondary Headmaster
“We’ve always felt that our offerings result in better education. Now, with these things fully integrated into our curriculum, we’ve proven it through top national test scores and joyful, motivated students.”
Charlie Sloan, School Manager

MWK Schools welcome all students and encourage them through a strong curriculum, effective test preparation, and a well-rounded, nurturing curriculum

Many of our students would not be able to stay in school without the additional scholarship that TEF supports. Others, who transfer from government or local schools, benefit from remedial courses and additional tutoring.

TEF scholarship donations also support a variety of students, including orphans, with needs from primary through secondary school.

As Warm-up for Sports, MWK Schools Students Dance to “Shut Up and Dance Workout Mix”