MWK Legacy Continues. Goal Achieved. Graduates Head for Higher Ed.
June 2024

Keep the Lights Bright and the Water Clean at MWK Schools – Matching gift up to $10,000!
December 2023

TEF Students Thank You For Your Support on Giving Tuesday
November 2023

More Kids Learn through New Primary Scholarships
September 2023

Matching Grant a Whopping Success!
April 2023

Help Keep MWK Schools’ Free Meal Program Alive. All gifts matched!
January 2023

New Website! Cute Kindergartners! Support students in 2023!
December 2022

News from TEF and MWK Schools
September 2022

National Test Results: TEF MWK Students at the Top!
March 2022

MWK Internship Program Aims To Keep Students On Track
November 2021

Trustees Announce New Name: Margery Wolf Kuhn Schools
August 2021

Nianjema Secondary Ranks Among Top Tanzania Schools
November 2020

School Closes Due to COVID-19
July 2020

Nianjema Schools Provide Path to a Bright Future
April 2020

Donations Make a Difference
December 2019

Primary School Recognized for Excellence; Sports Build Strength
September 2019

It Takes a Village: Hardworking Students, Dedicated Teachers, Graduation Celebration
November 2018

Clinic continues to progress; Continent to continent connections
July 2018

Celebrating Nianjema Graduation Classes of 2017!
January 2018

Nianjema’s Primary School Best in Area
August 2017

Nianjema Offers 450 Students a Quality, Values-Based Education.
May 2017

Students Excel, Volunteers Teach, New Bus = New Activities, Arts, Sports, and much more.
December 2016

More students, new program for girls, new bus and a new medical building!
August 2016