Nianjema Schools are now the Margery Wolf Kuhn (MWK) Schools by a vote of the Tanzanian Board of Trustees.

A new bus with a new name marks a new chapter in our history. A modern school bus allows children to ride rather than walk long distances to school and go on field trips.

While in the Peace Corps, Charlie Sloan, founder, and school manager saw the need for an excellent secondary school in Bagamoyo that would be accessible to all students. An educational foundation created by his aunt, Margery Wolf Kuhn, provided the funds that allowed him to establish the original Nianjema School. Charlie was very fond of his Aunt Marge and is proud that the Trustees honored her generous spirit by renaming the schools she made possible.

The new name has the practical purpose of distinguishing MWK from a government school in the area that duplicated the original name, creating confusion. In addition, parents perceive that an international name brings greater prestige.

MWK Ranked Top 4% in the 2020 National Exams
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