Create engaged students, dedicated faculty and broad, STEM based curriculum 

Students excel in a science-bias and expanded Tanzanian arts curriculum that rigorously prepares students to do well on the national tests and to prepare for their future beyond school.

A strong athletics, arts and leadership focus complements the academic focus and develops lifelong leadership and achievement skills.

Tanzanian art, music and dance and athletics enrich MWK students’ education and provide a productive, safe place to be outside of school hours. MWK also features computers, a first-class science laboratory and a large library with areas to read and study, all achieved with generous grants from TEF donors.

MWK encourages students to continue their education beyond elementary and secondary school. MWK offers graduates the unique opportunity to stay on campus in the break between secondary school and the next level of study through the MWK Internship Project. They gain solid job experience assisting in classrooms, tutoring, and providing support for teachers and administrators.   

MWK Schools teach all government-required courses plus additional leadership, cultural and athletic enrichment courses and experiences at all levels.

Mr Gilba Teaching 6th Graders in Classroom

In addition to developing excellence in Kiswahili, MWK offers an English intensive experience providing a key skill for success in Tanzania and abroad. Students begin to learn English in elementary school and complete an immersion course before entering secondary school. 

The curriculum offers creative writing. The MWK School Yearbook Club produces an annual yearbook, student essays, features on students and teachers and class levels. It written and produced entirely by the students.

art students

Art students Tausi (left) and Rahma with their paintings for the MWK Creative Talents Art Show.

MWK collaborates with the Institute for Arts and Culture Bagamoyo to bring Tanzanian art, dance, and music teachers to MWK. Traditional dance, drumming and singing are highly anticipated parts of school celebrations and everyday activities.

MWK Schools Girls Basketball Team

Daily sports activities encourage teamwork and leadership skills. Whether intramural competitions or traveling to the capital, Dar-es-Salaam for league competition, MWK students enjoy daily sports activities. MWK fields girls’ and boys’ teams in basketball, field hockey, soccer, netball, frisbee, rugby and volleyball.