“The teachers are saying great things about the new staff houses,” says Charlie Sloan, Nianjema (now MWK) Schools Manager.

Nianjema builds community as it provides new houses for its teachers. Housing is clustered to promote collegiality and collaboration. Primary teachers moved into the latest housing area which features indoor kitchens, colors the teachers have chosen themselves, and a shared ten-acre plot for recreation and vegetable gardens. Secondary teachers are clustered near the dormitories and sports grounds.

Omary Mashaka, Tungo Dotto, and Moses Mollel moved in over the winter. Agnes, Omary, and Dotto were able to get married due to the prospective housing and now have babies. Dotto is pictured with his mom, who, as is the local tradition, has come stay for three months after a birth to help the daughter-in-law take care of the baby. Omary started as a student in Nianjema’s secondary school and is now teaching. Moses coaches in the sports program in addition to teaching primary schools.

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