Encouraging girls to continue their educations beyond primary school is one focus of MWK Schools. Thanks to the generosity of TEF Supporters, 81 girls are now sponsored at the secondary level, 48 of whom are boarders.

To encourage girls to go to the next level, MWK offers an internship program for sponsored students after graduation. Normally, Tanzanian students wait for 8 months to enter competitive two-year college-level high school programs. Since there are few work opportunities for students while studying for the next level, the MWK Internship Program allows graduates to assist teachers and develop teaching skills.

This first year two students are working in the creative arts program.

“Next year I want to expand the program to include creative arts, laboratory practical supervision, library assistants as well as tutors for weaker students and sports coaches,” explains School Manager Charlie Sloan.

Charlie School Manager and Allen Shoa HeadmasterNew Team Leads MWK Schools
School and Community Celebrate Student Scholars